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My Sacred Day
So, how do you actually use this Calendar of Oneness? Below are a few examples of suggested uses of the Poetic Tone as part of what we lovingly refer to as “my sacred day”…

May the 7th, 2012
Poetic Tone: Contributing to life’s artistry through appreciative acknowledgement.
Angel: Sikret-savach-neve

Other suggestions for Use of the Calendar of Oneness
Listen to sound elixirs while viewing each daily post which is comprised of a photo, sigils, names of the sigils and a poetic tone. There are 2 sigils in each post: the first one is the quality (meaning) and the second is the angel; they both have names.

  1. Look at the 1st sigil.
  2. Say (call) the sigil name either out loud or silently, per your preference.
  3. Look at the 2nd (angel) sigil.
  4. Say (call) the angel name either out loud or silently, per your preference.
  5. You may also run your fingers across the first sigil from left to right to access it’s non-cognitive information, or trace it in the air, or on the page. There’s no need to do this with the 2nd (angel) sigil.
  6. Read the poetic tone to deeply feel what this quality means to you in your daily life.
  7. Emphasize the living of this quality throughout your day.

Additionally, you may experience enhanced benefits by use of the following sound elixirs by created by Almine as you use the Calendar daily:

  • Chant of the Earth (NOTE: No longer available for purchase).
  • Arcturian Fairy Sound Elixirs (included as part of the Belvaspata – Angel Healing Volume II download). Click here to access the ebook version, or here to access the paperback version.

We certainly hope you enjoy the Calendar as much as we enjoy putting it together!

16 thoughts on “User Guide

  1. I practiced chaos stuff nniermtigled with Hermetic iconography and some very improvisational hoodoo from the ages of sixteen to nineteen. I stopped because my close friends and acquaintances got hung up on explaining why magic doesn’t work to me. This was not a matter of peer pressure or the usual religious interventions. Robert Anton Wilson tells us that disbelief is the most powerful form of magic. He is not incorrect. Whether sigils work or not, there is an ordering principle in experience, which is limited no matter what the power of our will and imagination, we will never violate the laws of physics without the appropriate media, and in any case, I never saw the merit in bending spoons but which is subjective, meaning that we have some part in it. Basic chaos magick is one effective way to get a sense of this principle, and more importantly, perceive its elasticity, or rather, all the things we can pull off as organisms capable of introspection and motor function within a reasonably physically strained universe.The future is formless, of course. Reasonably we may say that certain things are impossible. Realistically we may say that we cannot know what will happen in the next second, because it has not transpired. It is our consciousness of the uncertainty that awaits us which shows that we are in possession of singular power. Transmitting quiet, resolute ideas as sigils, charms and hexes, the outcomes of our ceremonies and other communications with our various named and unnamed gods in a manner more concrete than mere longing has much more to do with shaping our sense of what we can accomplish, rather than what we will.

  2. I would love to use this calendar. Is it really $20/month to have this information? It seems this info ought to be available to all free of charge – this is so important .


    • Thank you Stasia, for your recent comment on Almine’s Calendar of Oneness website; confirming your appreciation for the importance of the Calendar information. In reply to your suggestion that it be made available for free, we point out that Almine offers a free Weekly Prediction here:

      – as well as many other free websites, radio shows, online courses, tweets, facebook, etc. We feel the value of the Calendar far exceeds the cost and no price could actually compensate Almine for the information that she provides daily.

      We thank you for visiting this site, and if you don’t feel inclined at this point to subscribe to a membership, please feel free to peruse and enjoy, amongst other things, Almine’s photographs, and the students’ beautiful and evocative poetry postings. They really are a treat and a blessing.

      Jan & Serge

  3. Hello everyone,

    I am now going to purchase this calendar why not. I know that ‘soon’ it will be common knowledge anyway. So why not get myself warmed up to what is real right now.

    • I hope you enjoy, Alexandra. Let us know what you think of it, either here or on the Calendar itself.

      Team Almine

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  5. Namaste Serge have tried to work with calendar , it will not fully load for me all i get is the picture and poetic tone no sigal or angel name, please advise thank you

    • Hello,
      I see in your account that you are registered but not subscribed to a membership package. If you wish to access the sigils, you’ll need to go the the Sign Up page and select a subscription plan best suited to your needs. Let me know if you need help.

  6. Hello,

    Was there supposed to be an audio elixir with today’s posting? If so, how do i access it?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Peggy, thanks for asking the question.
      For those who want to access the audio elixirs that Almine has made for this month, this can be done on the separate site of Unfortunately we could not combine this site with an extra audio option, so we’ve posted it on If you have purchased these special elixirs, just login to listen to them.

      Team Almine

  7. Hello, I would like to renew my subscription on month to month basis. I see that my account expires on Oct. 5. I checked the account section and options are to cancel or to upgrade to yearly. Not sure if I should cancel and renew monthly. I want to make sure that there is no interruption to the subscription.

    Thank you,

  8. Hello

    I just subscribed today in fact few moments ago . I received the email right after the subscription . I just want to know these sigils & clips are only for today . It has been specially done for me or these are generic same for everyone .

    I also have few personal questions . please advise the email where i can write privately .

    Many blessings

    • Dear Rita, welcome to the Calendar of Oneness. To be clear, this site gives a new tone and sigil and angel every day, just like a real calendar works one day at a time. Every Saturday there is a PDF document with all of the tones and sigils for the upcoming week combined, for your convenience. These sigils are ‘generic’, meaning they are the tones that describe the unfoldment of existence for today. So, everyone who is part of the Calendar will see them.

      For your personal questions, you can contact me at

      Enjoy the Calendar!

  9. Hello Team,

    I am new and would like to understand more fully the calendar. What was the start date? Does the calendar correspond with the moon cycle? Are there years or simply a never ending cycle of weeks new in each moment?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Kahatala,

      Thank you for asking the question.

      Almine’s Calendar started in the last week of December, 2011 and has been running for 2.5 years now. As far as I know it does not correspond with the moon cycle, but with the outpouring/unfolding of Infinite Intent. There are no years as such, just continuing weeks that we chronologically number for reference sake, but in private conversations with Almine it does seem that each ‘year’ has a certain flavor to it, just like each week has a flavor to it, reflected in the tones and weekly prediction. The end date that is know is around mid december 2015. I say end date, for Almine has mentioned that this was the information she received and that the Calendar may transform into something else beyond that time. I’d advice to g through all of the materials here on the user guide, the FAQ and the home page for more information and to get a sense of what this Calendar actually is.

      Thank you for asking the question.

      Team Almine

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