How does the Calendar of Oneness work?
Every Saturday at midnight Pacific Standard Time, the next seven tones are given. At that time they will be provided as a PDF download. Moreover, each tone will be posted per day on the web site.

How long does the content remain available for?
Every post – including the weekly PDF – will remain available but for a short time, approximately two, three weeks. After this, it will be gone.

Are there any sound elixirs or audio clips added to the separate days?
There are NO extra audios or sound elixirs added to the days. The term “poetic tone” Almine uses for the concept that is unfolding every day certainly does seem to indicate that there is an audio present. However, this is just the way Almine calls the concepts. What you get each day are the poetic tone -the concept for that day-, its sigil and its accompanying angel with its sigil. These are the tools you receive to work with life for that day.

Is there an end date known for this Calendar?
Surprisingly enough Almine has stated that this Calendar will stretch almost 4 years total, ending in december of 2015. After this, something else will take its place. The running theme of the first phase (december 2011-december 2012) seems to have been creative destruction. As this first phase draws to a close, there is a good chance that the concepts and the angels will be used to form a divination tool. More about this will be shared as it happens, so to keep up to date about this and other events, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Why don’t all the tones just remain on the site, as a kind of back catalog?
The Calendar of Oneness emphasizes the immediacy and freshness of the now. The notion of a linear trail that stretches back into ‘the past’ is incongruent with it. As is a trail that stretches into ‘the future’ – hence this calendar is non-cyclical. Whatever comes later depends on how the now is lived.

What happens with the Angels and sigils once their day is lived?
Listen to Almine explain what happens with the angels once a day has come and gone.

What will living the Calendar of Oneness do for me?
Listen to these two audio clips in which Almine explains how the Calendar works and what it will do for you.

26 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I really like and signed up for the Monthly Calendar of oneness…however I cannot get to the poetic tones as I get I do not have access. I have tried several times and am in the system and am eager to start. Thanks
    Sophia Selene

    • Hi Sophia,

      I see that your account is indeed registered to the website, but you also need to subscribe to a membership package of your choice. It’s free to register to the website, and you can view the daily photos, but you must be subscribed to a membership plan in order to access the Poetic Tones of the day.


  2. Hello Serge.
    I have a little problem I subscribed yesterdag for the Onesscalender for a month. Today I cannot give any comments on the tone’s and I unsubsribed myself as an mistake. So now my subscribtion for one month is also gone and I am afraid I can not log in any more after logging out becouse my subsribtion ends today. Please HELP!!!!!!

  3. Hello Serge
    I can not give comments to the tones. Also by mistake I unsubsribed myself, oeps, and I signed yesterday in for another month so I singed in today again for a month, I still do not have acces to give comments. My membership ends next year for what I can see. I do not know what the problem is. Please can you help! Regards Annita.

  4. Something was really wrong I can see that now, it looks like I spamed all over. My apologies of that, the site was not working properly this morning, please take it all away I feel so embarresed.

    • Lol, thank goodness for ‘mistakes’; I needed a laugh today…
      However, i can’t access the comments/replies to the tones either today…?

    • Hi Anita,
      There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Computer glitches are common. I’m not sure what happened with your “comment overpopulation” but I’ve deleted all of them except two. I see that you posted successfully today, and I’ve checked out your membership all seems in order. Let me know if you’re still having problems.

      • Hi Serge.
        Thank you for your help and looking into my membership. The problem disolved by itself…………and everything is working fine now. At least I am not blusshing anymore and Miriam got her laugh she needed, so this was in perfect order.
        Have a great day, Annita

  5. Hello Niels, I’m writing/copying the sigils as part of embracing and incorporating the energy – am wondering if this is ok to do as it’s not exact but I feel drawn to do this.


    • Dear TJ,

      This is a great idea, and a very powerful way to integrate these sigils into your own being. I actually do exactly the same thing! Let us know what the effects for you are when you are copying these sigils 🙂

      Team Almine

      • Thank you Niels. I understand that there are weekly ‘silence’ meditations going on in various countries conducted by facilitators. I would very much like to participate in them. Can you please direct me in how I can do this?


        • Dear Tiffany,

          The silence meditations have been conducted for some time in the past, globally, initiated by spiritual journeys itself. This was in late 2011 and beginning of 2012. This culminated in “communication in silence” meditations during the Walking with the Seers trilogy in the beginning of 2012. However, after these 3 online courses the silence meditations were not continued. It may very well be that individual facilitators still organize them, but I am not aware of them. You can ask a facilitator in your country of residence by going to Almine’s store and clicking on the retreat pages and connecting with the facilitators in that way and asking them if they offer these silence meditations.

          On another note, you can call for these silence meditations yourself on Ascension,net of which you are a member if I am not mistaken. I think it would be picked up very quickly for these meditations were greatly valued when they were done all over the world…

          Please consider this and if you do chose to post a call to do new silence meditations, please let us know and we will take it from there if there is enough people who would like to join in.

          I hope this answered your question somewhat. Thanks for asking!

          Team Almine

          • Thank you Niels! I will take your suggestion and will put in a call on Ascension net shortly.Much appreciated. Tiffany

  6. Why do you ask 200 us dollars a year for sharing this very important calendar with people around the globe?
    When it’s that important, why not for free?
    The reason why I ask this is that that as far as I am aware pure information needs to come through in a pure way without any trembles along the way.
    If this information is that important for the benefit of all living beings why not share for free?

    • Dear Peter,

      Thank you for your recent comment on Almine’s Calendar of Oneness website; confirming your appreciation for the importance of the Calendar information. You post a good question, namely if this information shouldn’t be free.

      To start off I will give you a general reply, followed by a more specific one for the Calendar.

      General – Shouldn’t information be free?
      You don’t pay for the philosophical insights or tools. What you pay for is the time and energy that is put into producing the books, cd’s, pieces of art, online courses and other material by Almine and her support team. Spiritual Journeys is a growing company that provides the enormous amount of Almine’s information to the public, and with that comes costs, so for portions of that material we ask a price so that we can keep on doing this.

      Specific – How about this Calendar?
      As for the Calendar, there is already a “free version” available in the form of the weekly predictions. These predictions are inspired by the individual tones of the day for that week that you get within this site, and are given every week on Saturday on both SpiritualJourneys.com and on AlmineDiary.com. For the “Weekly Prediction” of this week, see here: http://spiritualjourneys.com/weekly-prediction/

      Apart from this freebee, Almine offers hours upon hours of free online course material, videos, audios and insights. If you don’t want to pay to be able to walk this journey with Almine, you certainly don’t have to. However, some deeper information -like this Calendar- is a paid version. We feel the value of this Calendar far exceeds the cost and no price could actually compensate Almine for the information that she provides daily.

      Peter, I would like to add that at the moment (first half of 2013) everyone who joins Almine in a retreat gets 2 weeks of the Calendar of Oneness for free to prepare themselves for the retreat. If you are interested, shoot me a line on niels@almine.net to get a copy of these free two weeks for the upcoming Belgium retreat in May of 2013, so you can get a taste of what the Calendar is like and if it is indeed something for you. What I have found is that the Calendar is indeed very important -as you put it- for those who feel called to it and live by it. Those will be the ones that feel the cost is worth it. Perhaps if you have tried out the free weekly prediction and a 2 week “preparation gift for retreats”, you will find this is the case for you too.

      I hope this has answered your question. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to explain and for good measure, here are a few links to places where you can have many hours worth of free audio and video content:

      Free online course: http://ascension.net/page/ascension
      Free audio clips: http://www.spiritualjourneys.com/tag/the-basics/
      Daily diary: http://diary.spiritualjourneys.com/
      Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/rogier333

      Team Almine

  7. Hi … and thanks for the calendar. How do I access the PDF for the current and the upcoming week? (I just joined)

  8. Does any one know which week, and the information for the day, that Angel Usakvi-pereta appeared in the COO? I am being smacked in the face with it, but only have the Angel name and didn’t save the pdf.
    BTW, any way to go back thru an archive? Other than the few weeks available?
    Thanks much.

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